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“Worlds Burst Open: An American Mother and Her Sudanese Children” Presentation by Author Catherine Frerichs, October 20, 7 p.m.

Worlds Burst Open:  An American Mother and Her Sudanese Children Author, Catherine Frerichs discusses her personal experience of fostering a sibling group of three from Sudan who became her foster children. This presentation will include the children’s nine years in a refugee camp in northwest Kenya, the diffi cult early years as they and Frerichs made… Read more

Pastor’s Pondering – September 14, 2016

MEMORIES, MEMORIALS, AND MOVING ON If you haven’t been bombarded by memories in the past week,      you must live under a rock.          Every newscast and every human interest story for the past week                (except for moment-by-moment coverage of the presidential candidates)                    has unearthed another tragic story of 9/11/01. News people and… Read more

Pastor’s Pondering – August 31, 2016

A “University Church” Now that we’re back to school in a university community, it’s time again to consider what it means to be a “university church”. In a Christian Century article called “Soul Experiments”, Stephanie Paulsell offers some encouraging, challenging, hopeful thoughts on what that means for our life together and our mission to the community… Read more